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DIY Hammock Chair Installs Made Easy – Humor Included!    

Once you order your hammock chair and it arrives, the only obstacle standing between you and sitting down to relax will be these simple DIY install instructions. And a master’s degree in engineering.

We jest...If you have a few basic tools and know how to use them, you’ll be just a few minutes away from happily hammocking.


The Whats and Whys of Tools and Supplies

Our hammock chairs can be installed in any location with at least a 7-foot ceiling and several feet on all sides to accommodate a bit of soothing sway. To hang your hammock, you’ll need a:

  • Stud finder – That’s any mirror you stand in front of, right fellas? Yes, but we mean the other kind.
  • Pencil – For marking the center of the ceiling joist and other useful purposes like astonishing wide-eyed kids with an explanation of a writing tool humans used not so long ago for communication purposes and then having to say, “yes, really” and “I’m not pulling your leg” and then having to explain that phrase while grandpa repeatedly tells one of the kids to pull his finger
  • 3/8”x4” Eye bolt screw – The piercing accessory all the cool kids are wearing can also be used to support your hammock chair and its occupants, which is a word often translated in multi-language assembly instructions as “8-leg trousers”
  • Drill and ¼” bit – Used to drill a pilot hole for the eye bolt, ha haha haha ha, oh wait, that’s legit
  • S-hook – One curve goes through the eye of the bolt and the hammock assembly hangs from the other, and that’s why U-hooks aren’t recommended
  • A hammock chair hanging kit or ropes (Optional) – To attach to the S-hook above and your hammock chair below
  • Spring or Swivel – To put more fun in functionality

Here’s some cool news: Our Accessories page offers one-stop shopping for hanging supplies.


How to Hang Hammock Chairs

No doubt you got the gist from the list, but here are details:

  1. Use the stud finder to locate the joist most directly above your installation location, and mark the center of it
  2. Don eye protection, push the drill bit through the drywall until you hit wood, and drill a pilot hole as vertically as possible several inches into the joist
  3. Insert the eye bolt, and righty-tighty it until the ring touches the ceiling or the stud – Pro tip: Use a long screwdriver or piece of rebar through the eye of the bolt to give you leverage in tightening it
  4. Attach:
  5. Before you sit in the hammock chair, check it for safe installation by inviting someone else to “have the honor of being the first to try the chair!” Or maybe you should go this route:
  • The S-hook to the eye bolt (Skip this step by going to the attached J-hook if using our kit)
  • Your rope or chain hanging kit, if using one, to the S-hook or the J-hook
  • Your hammock chair to the rope, chain or S-hook
  • Tug down firmly on the hammock chair
  • If it holds, place 50lbs of weights, cans, books or dog in it
  • If it still holds, cautiously sit in the chair, but with your feet firmly on the ground and your legs supporting most of your weight while others laugh at your squat style and then wet their pants if the chair collapses (highly unlikely)
  • Gradually shift your weight from your legs to the chair. If it holds, and it should, you’re done!

Installation is just as easy in porch beams or tree branches, and your hammock chair can be easily relocated indoors later. Another option is to select a hammock chair and stand combination for quick setup and portability.


Got Questions Before You Order?

Answers are immediately available on Chat from 9-5 Eastern, and they hit your inbox the same or next business day when you email us. Get your answers, place your order, and get your sway on!

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Hammock Chairs: Comfort that Fits your Space    

Hammock chairs are versatile and space-saving options for relaxing in any outdoor or indoor location. They can be accessorized for custom performance!


Hammock Chair Set Up Options

There are three easy methods for setting up hammock chairs. Which one is best for you?


Universal Hammock Chair Stand

Stands offer easy set up anywhere. They’re light enough to relocate often, yet their heavy-gauge steel construction and 5-foot base offer secure chair hammocking wherever you get a fancy to do so.  Their compact size doesn’t require much space.


Eco-Friendly Hammock Straps

Traditionalists love to swing from trees, and sometimes they use hammock chairs to do so! These weatherproof nylon straps, two per kit, gently hug the tree and contain steel loops at the ends of the straps. Two “S” hooks are the interface between the straps and your full-size hammock or chair. The tree strap kits are lightweight and compact, a great choice for day-hikers and backpackers who want to take relaxation with them.


Chain Hanging Kit

This kit is the favorite for those who like to tap their maple trees for a taste of syrup. While that alternative fact was a lame attempt to get a laugh, these durable and length-adjustable kits offer more permanent installation anywhere you’ve got seven feet of clearance. The hardy, double zinc-coated hardware includes everything needed to hang all hammocks and hammock chairs quickly and securely. The kit’s low cost allows aficionados of hammock chairs to install one in their favorite tree and another in a covered or indoor location. You might want to drill a pilot hole smaller than the screw diameter for easier twist-in installation.


Nylon Ropes

While tree-friendly straps and strong chains are ready-to-use methods of hanging a hammock chair, they're not your only options. Some hammock enthusiasts use strong rope such as 5/16" nylon rope that holds up well in any weather and is quite affordable. It's available in a range of colours to match your hammock swing. We suggest you use new rope only to ensure that it is in good condition and will provide reliable support while relaxing with your feet off the ground


Accessories that Make the World Go Round

Hammock chairs get even better when accessorized to your preferences.

  • Spring: This 8-inch coil spring absorbs shock and puts a little bounce in your seat wherever you hang your chair
  • Swivel: OK, this will make you go round, not the earth, and it’s a good way to twirl for amusement or to get a new perspective on the world around you.
  • Hammock drink holder: This handy accessory holds bottles and similar containers, some of which contain liquid that can make your world start spinning for sure!


Browse our site for the details on these accessories for hanging and enjoying hammock chairs. If you have any questions, we’re here to chat from 9AM to 5PM Eastern. Email ( reaches us any time, and we reply promptly during business hours.

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Hammock Chairs are World Changers  

Hammock chairs will change the world! “That’s a stretch!”, the critics say. “It is not” we say! Let us explain, and perhaps you’ll agree and join the movement!

Our premise is that when you give someone a hammock chair, you’ve given them the gift of relaxation. Fair enough?

In turn, a relaxed person is a gift to the world, are they not?

Consider how much more pleasant the world would be if everyone were relaxed: the guy you accidently cut off in traffic; the boss wondering when you’ll finish that slightly overdue project; people waiting in line or at a restaurant table – perhaps the line or table you’re serving. They’re relaxed and smiling, full of encouragement rather than criticism. They’re world changers!

Now may we suggest you first get a hammock chair for yourself? It’s really the right thing to do! We back this up with a famous quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Relaxation begins with you!

Hammock chairs. They give you the same comfortable feel as a full-size hammock, but in a more upright, seated design. While both have their advantages, there are certain times a hammock chair is the better way to change the world:


1. You have no space for a full hammock

No space; no problem. Chairs are ideal for front porches, small patios, indoor dens, bedrooms, crowded decks and for hanging from that small shade tree in the yard. Think of the possibilities. Awesome.


2. You’re a parent of young kids

Have you ever noticed how the sheriff in a Westerns sits with his back to the corner, so he can see everything going on around him? He’s not kicking back, feet up, hat over his eyes. Well, you’re the sheriff, and you’ve got potential ruffians to keep an eye on.


3. You have an child with special-needs

Here's encouraging news that can change the world for someone you love!  Both full-size hammocks and chairs are being used effectively as a tool in treating many children with special needs, including autism in which brain imbalances affect both brain and body. A leading expert says, "A great portion of occupational therapy for autism focuses on sensory integration and one of the greatest tools is the swing. 


4. Cost is a factor

While most are well made, their cost is cheap compared to hammocks. If you’re on a budget, then spend a little less to give yourself or a friend the ability to relax.


5. They’re a versatile gift

Here’s a winning combination: Most people don’t have a hammock chair, but they’d love a gift designed to help them relax. Find a desire, fulfill it and be truly appreciated! That makes easy shopping for birthdays, Holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations and house warmings!


6. Easy installation

No contractors needed. You can do this! A tree limb, porch joist or chair stand is all you need for outdoor installation; for indoor installation, a ceiling joist or stand will do the job.


Our goal was to brighten your day and show you the potential of an affordable (cheap) hammock chair to lift your feet and your spirits 24/7/365. Life is more relaxing off the ground!

How can we help you change your world with a hammock chair or full-size hammock? Click the chat button to talk to someone immediately, from 9AM to 5PM Eastern time, or send us an email to, and we will reply promptly during business hours.

Mayan Hammock Chair

Brazilian Hammock Chair

Adjustable Hanging Chair with Foot Rest

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Is your Hammock Drooping? This will Perk it Up  

Is your hammock droopy, Boopie? Sorry, but really, when you get to use a fun word like “droopy” in a sentence, you gotta make the most of it.

Some hammocks are just too long for the stand, and if you wanted to lie on the ground, you’d get a beach towel, right? And ant repellent.

No, no. Life is better off the ground.


DIY Fix for a Long Hammock

Listen, we’re hammock pros, which means we’re excessively lazy. It’s why we don’t sell treadmills. Nor knitting needles.

But it also means that we know hammock problems and an easy fix/solution for every one of them.

Today’s solved problem: the long hammock, sometimes googled as Mexican hammock because hammocks manufactured there and throughout Latin America tend to have extra string length for tree-hanging versatility. These solutions work on hammocks without a spreader bar.


Help for Droopy Hammocks on a Stand

If you’ve got a stretched/stretched out hammock, aka a glutes dragger, or one that was too big from the get-go, then this brief, illustrated tutorial shows you how to adjust it for a perfect fit on a universal stand.

Solution 1: Tie a knot in the strings, as shown in the photo, between the loop and the bed of the hammock. Maximum allowable knots are two at each end. Your hammock will explode if a third knot is tied at either end. Not really, but our hammock scientist says two knots. She can be a real knot-sy. We say, if it takes three, live free, not under the dictates of The Man.

We suggest that you tie one knot at a time and test for length. Each knot will shorten the strings by about five inches. It’s easy to go from “Wow, this hammock is too long,” to “Yikes, now it’s too short!” Those knots aren’t easy to untie either. One day at a time; one knot too.

  • Pro Tip: Tying the knot around a stick a couple inches in diameter isn’t pretty unless you paint it purple, but it will reduce length by more than five inches and make it easier to untie the knot. Two birds; one stick.


Solution 2: See the picture. Do that.

  • Pro Tip: Wrap the strings over the “U” and around the bar BEFORE attaching the loop to the hook. It gets complicated the other way around.

Solution 3: Got a stand with chains? Simply adjust the chain length shorter to overcome the stretched/stretched out hammock problem and achieve the perfect fit.

  • Pro Tip: What? That was a pro tip. Didn’t we say we’re hammock pros?


Got more questions? We're lazy as heck, but never too lazy to help. Contact us anytime for a quick answer at or try live chatting us right on our website from 9AM to 5PM  Eastern time!

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TLC for Your Hammock Stand and You 

You and your hammock stand have something in common – you’re both attractive and durable, but that doesn’t mean a little upkeep isn’t required, right? 

These maintenance tips are the TLC that will keep the stand looking great and working hard while you leave hard work far behind.

Storage: Some relaxation enthusiasts move their equipment to an in an indoor spot in winter where they set it up, lay themselves down and enjoy uninterrupted hammocking. If you do give your stand a break, keep these care tips in mind:

  • Store metal stands where it is cool and dry
  • Try storing bamboo and wicker in a climate-controlled part of the house
  • Larger stands can be stored in a garage or outdoor location under a tarp that is tied securely to keep it in place

Scratch Repair: The powder coating on our steel stands is tough and durable, but life in the backyard can be full of hazards – Kids on bikes and grandma on the mower are two we hear often. If a scratch occurs, grab a can of Tremclad or Rustoleum and a small paintbrush. Shake the can, spray some paint onto a piece of cardboard, dab the brush in it and carefully fill the scratch with paint. Good as new. Like hockey scars, every repaired nick tells a story.

Noise: Hammock-time and squeaks are not compatible. Stop stand noises by tightening knobs and other assembly points. A drop of household oil might help quiet metal.

Cleaning: Your stand loves mild detergent and warm water applied with a soft sponge and rinsed with a cool hose. That’s another thing the two of you have in common.

Kids: Tell kids hammocks are not toys. They’ll give you the same blank look as when you said that about toasters and kittens. Then, take a few hours to instruct them in the unit's proper mount, use and dismount – especially the use part punctuated by expressions like, “Stanley, bring me a beer,” and “Sidney, my feet need more sunscreen.” Young children need supervision, or you can just haul them in with you; Threatening older kids with major misconduct penalties for hammocking violations seems to work well.

Inspection: Hammock stands should be given spring and fall inspections to make sure that they are safe to use. Tighten anything that is loose, and repair metal scratches to prevent rust. 

These maintenance tips will ensure the stand’s durability and performance. Take care of your hammock’s stand, and it will keep taking care of you!

If you've got questions, the quickest way to get you answers is via chat. Our team has mastered the art of laid-back customer service delivered from hammocks, and we promise that at least one of us will be awake and at the ready from 9AM-5PM Eastern Time! Click the chat tab, and let's do this! 


Happy Relaxation!

Hammock Universe USA Team!

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Are you ready to experience the pleasure of hammock life? 


Use these navigation tips to determine which hammock and hammock stand combinations fit you and your sense of stylish comfort. It’s not rocket science, it’s relaxation science, so it’ll be easy. 

There are two clickable tabs below:

  • Stands at a Glance
  • Hammocks at a Glance

If you haven’t decided on the sling in which you’ll take a more leisurely approach to life, then the Hammocks Tab is your starting point.

  • Column A lists our hammocks. Like we said, this isn’t rocketry. It’s relaxatry.
  • Columns B through E provide useful specs for determining in which indoor and outdoor spots you’ll be able to set up your combo and knowing how many friends can join you for a nap.
  • Column F is your guide to avoiding what makes you itch, and that’s not immaterial.
  • Column G shows the height at which each end is attached, not how high your end will be when you’re in full chill.
  • Columns H through K are where you cross-reference the stands with the hammocks in Column A to check compatibility and required accessories (which we have).


The Stands Tab shows compatibility/accessories plus important stand specifications:

  • Column A is mostly our hammocks, but details you should know are at the bottom, so check them out. Save being lazy for hammock-time!
  • Columns B through E are headed by our hammock stand options, all so easy to set up. Follow the column down to cross-reference hammocks from Column A for workability; go further down for more info that will help you choose a hammock you’ll think we designed just for you, because we did. Yep.

There’s no doubt you spent more time reading this “helpful information” than it would have taken you to figure out the tabs on your own. But hey, our job is to appear useful, and that’s a challenge when we’re lounging in our hammocks behind the warehouse all day!



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