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These are the traditional North-American style hammocks that come with wooden spreader bars on the ends. Ours are very well-built and have a superior resistance to the elements. Many of our customers enjoy not only the feel but also the look of these classic hammocks - as they add an air of "elegance" to any outdoor setting.

These are the typical North-American hammock thick plain-woven rope hammocks that include varnished wood spreader bars on the ends. It is often suspended either between 2 trees on its own or anyplace you wish with the addition of a hammock stand. Our Rope Hammocks are created with either cotton or polyester ropes. Cotton rope hammocks are a superb alternative if you are looking for that extra-soft hammock, however, they ought to be protected in a dry indoor spot between uses to stay in prime condition. Polyester rope hammocks on the opposite hand are a sturdy choice for those needing a hammock which will resist to completely different climatic conditions. Polyester is desirable if you are in a very wetter climate, because it resists mildew and mold growth, additionally as weakening caused by ultraviolet radiation rays. (Click on the images below to find out additional info regarding our Cotton Rope and Polyester Rope Hammocks.)

Polyester Rope Hammock - Soft-Woven Deluxe
$155.95 $199.97
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Cotton Rope Hammock - Double
$99.95 $109.95
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