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DIY Hammock Chair Installs Made Easy – Humor Included!

June 05, 2017

The Cozy Corner
Learning Series 6


DIY Hammock Chair Installs Made Easy – Humor Included!   

Once you order your hammock chair and it arrives, the only obstacle standing between you and sitting down to relax will be these simple DIY install instructions. And a master’s degree in engineering.

We jest...If you have a few basic tools and know how to use them, you’ll be just a few minutes away from happily hammocking.


The Whats and Whys of Tools and Supplies

Our hammock chairs can be installed in any location with at least a 7-foot ceiling and several feet on all sides to accommodate a bit of soothing sway. To hang your hammock, you’ll need a:

  • Stud finder – That’s any mirror you stand in front of, right fellas? Yes, but we mean the other kind.
  • Pencil – For marking the center of the ceiling joist and other useful purposes like astonishing wide-eyed kids with an explanation of a writing tool humans used not so long ago for communication purposes and then having to say, “yes, really” and “I’m not pulling your leg” and then having to explain that phrase while grandpa repeatedly tells one of the kids to pull his finger
  • 3/8”x4” Eye bolt screw – The piercing accessory all the cool kids are wearing can also be used to support your hammock chair and its occupants, which is a word often translated in multi-language assembly instructions as “8-leg trousers”
  • Drill and ¼” bit – Used to drill a pilot hole for the eye bolt, ha haha haha ha, oh wait, that’s legit
  • S-hook – One curve goes through the eye of the bolt and the hammock assembly hangs from the other, and that’s why U-hooks aren’t recommended
  • A hammock chair hanging kit or ropes (Optional) – To attach to the S-hook above and your hammock chair below
  • Spring or Swivel – To put more fun in functionality

Here’s some cool news: Our Accessories page offers one-stop shopping for hanging supplies.



How to Hang Hammock Chairs

No doubt you got the gist from the list, but here are details:

  1. Use the stud finder to locate the joist most directly above your installation location, and mark the center of it
  2. Don eye protection, push the drill bit through the drywall until you hit wood, and drill a pilot hole as vertically as possible several inches into the joist
  3. Insert the eye bolt, and righty-tighty it until the ring touches the ceiling or the stud –Pro tip: Use a long screwdriver or piece of rebar through the eye of the bolt to give you leverage in tightening it
  4. Attach:
  5. Before you sit in the hammock chair, check it for safe installation by inviting someone else to “have the honor of being the first to try the chair!” Or maybe you should go this route:
  • The S-hook to the eye bolt (Skip this step by going to the attached J-hook if using our kit)
  • Your rope or chain hanging kit, if using one, to the S-hook or the J-hook
  • Your hammock chair to the rope, chain or S-hook
  • Tug down firmly on the hammock chair
  • If it holds, place 50lbs of weights, cans, books or dog in it
  • If it still holds, cautiously sit in the chair, but with your feet firmly on the ground and your legs supporting most of your weight while others laugh at your squat style and then wet their pants if the chair collapses (highly unlikely)
  • Gradually shift your weight from your legs to the chair. If it holds, and it should, you’re done!

Installation is just as easy in porch beams or tree branches, and your hammock chair can be easily relocated indoors later. Another option is to select a hammock chair and stand combination for quick setup and portability.



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