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Warning: You will be the envy of the neighborhood in this Mayan Hammock Chair.

Do you find yourself sitting inside reading your favorite book wondering why you don’t have a better place to relax? This Mayan Hammock chair is just what you are wishing for. It is woven out of fine cotton fabric threads and mounted on a hardwood spreader bar for extra strength. The 39" hardwood spacer bar also provides with by keeping the chair open for easy entry and exit. The cool, open weave is made of 100% cotton netting, while a reinforced nylon rope supports the whole chair. Perfect for indoors or out, you only need 7 feet of hanging height and about 5 feet of with from the closest wall if you hang it inside., It can be hung from either a ceiling, tree, or better yet partner it with our Universal Hammock Chair Stand.

People use this chair inside or outside. When you don't need it just roll it away but don't store it to0 far because you will want it again soon. Everybody will love the gentle swaying and your main concern will be to secure your place in it.

Mayan Hammock Chair
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