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REVIEWS - Products and Store Reviews

Products and Store Reviews
Based on 722 reviews
Great Hammock

I have neck and back issues and several years ago read an article stating sleeping in a hammock could help relieve the pain. While dubious, I figured I didn't have much to lose as I could always use the hammock outside. I was very pleased to discover that it did help. I use a string (Mayan) hammock in the warmer months and a Brazilian hammock during the winter. This winter I found myself needing a new hammock and found one here at a very nice price. It is very comfortable and I am very pleased with my purchase. Will shop here again.

The 5* Reviews Don't Lie

I love this hammock. It takes no time at all to set up and is very comfortable, I can lay in it for hours!

Very comfortable!

This hammock is very well made and soooo comfortable. Excellent!

Continuation of previous review

The straps are affordable, versatile, easy to install, stable and sturdy. Plus, I know the straps won’t deteriorate in weather over time. It’s a perfect solution for us and we highly recommend them.

Exceeded expectations

Gave this hammock to my husband as a gift. He’s been wanting one for years, so I wanted to give him a quality one. After some research, it seemed like Hammock Universe really knew their stuff and carried top-of-the-line products. This hammock is soft, and I love the shade of brown. Can’t speak yet to durability, as we’ve had it up for only a week, but it appears to be really well made... great quality. I expect it to last a long time. I also really enjoyed the funny and creative email updates from Hammock Universe... made the experience enjoyable, and they really did a great job of keeping me up-to-date on my order every step of the way. I would definitely recommend this company to others.

Kids love it

I got the Hammock for my daughter’s birthday, I thought she would enjoy lazing in the backyard under the apple tree. However, her three small children are always in that Hammock either laying around or using it as a swing to safely push each other back-and-forth. She says it’s the best present ever even though she hardly gets to use it!


Beautifully crafted hammock. Not as generous in width as my last 'double' hammock (different company who has gone out of business), but may actually be easier to manage. Got in the first time and promptly fell asleep. Love the hammock sock as well - keeps all the tree grunge and weather out of my hammock.

From the hammock

Haven't been able to get out of our Brazilian hammock as it is soooooo comfortable! My husband and I almost missed our Saturday night hula-hoop class as we fell asleep. But made it with hammock marks on our butts.
We love our hammock, our dogs love the hammock and love to rub their backs on what hangs down from the hammock (our backsides).

Thanks for making such a great item, which we will probably order one for a future gift!

Mayan Hammock XL thick cord

There are cheaper hammocks but these are first rate and well worth it for the extra quality!

The Most AMAZING Hammock EVER!

I love my new hammock so much that I'm sad I didn't get it sooner. I had one that I purchased in Mexico 20 years ago that I was afraid to give up as it was wonderful. That was a mistake. This Hammock is so comfortable. So yummy. The weave is so wonderfully tight that my elbows, feet, etc are not pushing through. The yarn/rope is soft and easy on the skin. Again, I wish I hadn't waited for my old hammock to die before getting this one. Its the best! I also did a lot of looking before choosing the Hammock Universe Hammock and obviously I made the right choice. THIS is NOT a paid review. This is authentic! I rely on reviews so I'm happy to share mine hear.

Highly recommended

I bought this XL Mayan hammock with thicker cord, the stand and also the double mayan with the thinner cord. I'm 200lb and my husband is 230lb. I wanted something we both could get into at the same time. It's possible with this XL and the stand, but I'd recommend using trees as we bottom out in the stand. For one of us, the stand is actually sturdy enough and both hammocks work. The double is more comfortable, but this XL is pretty good and I worry less about snagging the cord. This is XL is what I set up when we have guests over. I've also set up and used the double as a guest bed and it has worked well for that. If using the hammock in a colder climate, I recommend getting an under hammock quilt as it doesn't work to put something in the hammock under the sleeper. I waited to write a review until we'd had a chance to use the stand and hammocks under a wide variety of circumstances. The stand is easy to take down and put up and doesn't seem to loosen with use. It is sturdy and well-built. The hammocks need to be carefully laid out and care taken with folding and unfolding in order to keep them from tangling, but with a little care, they are also easy.

Very comfortable hammock

I like a full material hammock that does not cut into your back and this is the best. I fall asleep in it all the time and when the wife cannot find me she looks in the hammock where she will find me sleeping.
Dries quickly and is very comfortable. Good quality hardware for hanging. This was money well spent, you cannot go wrong buying this.

Favorite spot

Love this hammock! Easy to set up and even easier to enjoy! Sturdy quality with a great pattern. All my guests have loved it also!

GREAT hammock stand

I don't know why I waited so long to find this perfect hammock stand to use on my screened-in porch. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about a company in Canada making such a great accessory for my double-wide, heavy-duty woven hammock from Brazil. But, here I am, swinging on a perfect summer evening sans mosquitoes! It was easy to assemble, and it has thus far survived the antics of an over-enthusiastic toddler just fine. Count me another satisfied customer. (And I was amused by the humorous tone of the automatically generated emails...)

Great Product. Excellent Servicer

Everything about my experience with Hammock Universe has been excellent. Arrived faster than promised. Lovely, soft cotton rope. Very well made. Now if weather will cooperate, we will enjoy this hammock very much.

Great Hammock for the Plus-Size Relaxer.

Hammock Universe: Great Experience. Great Customer Service and timely delivery.
I did a lot of research and Hammock Universe was the most helpful. I was worried about buying a similar hammock off of Amazon; I had a hunch that those would be poor quality. I am really glad I went here. Quality seems great so far.
These hammocks are *very* expensive. I couldn't have paid full price for this one. Honestly, I don't see what makes this one over $400. The sale price was a great price.
Hammock: *Very* Comfy! I thought putting it together would be difficult. So easy, my 15 year old put it together in 10 minutes. We take the hammock down if we expect rain, but that is only because it is brand new and we don't want it to get beat up just yet.
*We are heavy people, and while I don't want to put the two of us in the hammock at once, this hammock handles us (one at a time) very well. The weight limits are good and there is a good feeling of swinging off of the ground. We put it on one of the tightest settings, and were about 1' 1/2 off the ground.
My husband took the first nap in it for 2.5 hours. Mine was about the same length. So glad we have this. It completes our back yard!


Great stand! I got in my head to get a stand for the hammock in my closet since I didn't have any hammock-friendly trees or posts in my back yard. I tried out a crappy Ikea stand, but was not the right size or quality. Super-happy with this stand. Very easy to assemble and move about. Wish I had bought it years ago.

(P.S. Would love to see HU sell a duffel bag designed specifically for transporting this stand).

Ultimate Snoozefest

Our trees begged us for hammocks, so we strung 2 Gorgeous Double Brazilian hammocks. Ranked #1 Nap Destination in NC. Highly recommend, excellent customer service, fast delivery


The hammock is great, but not like the one I bought 46 years ago in Guatemala, but then I don't think anything could live up to that....sadly. This however is a wonderful substitute.

The almost perfect hammock sock

Pros: This hammock sock is super easy to install and gives year-round protection to my hammock. Using the sock eliminates the need to take down the hammock and put it back up. The hammock stays dry and clean. All that is needed to use the hammock is to open one end of the sock and slide it to the other end of the hammock. When you're done, just slide it back and close the end! Cons: The fabric does not hold up to South Florida rain, heat, and sun and the sock is lasting me 6 months before it needs replacement. The elements dry out the fabric and that causes it to crack and tear. I would love an all-weather fabric. That being said, I LOVE this product and find that it is well worth replacing bi-annually. My hammock is clean and ready for us at any time.

Love it
Love it
Love it
Will always buy hammocks from you guys ,,, always

It gets pretty hot in the sun, and its stitching is so tight that it acts like a sail when it's windy, but otherwise it's nice-looking, comfortable, and fast-drying.

Exactly what I needed

This stand was perfect for the poolside spreader bar hammock I ordered. It was super simple to put together.

hammock sock

Great product...Looks great, works great. Excellent service too...Fast delivery.


I was expecting a hammock of marginal quality but this is very a well made product.
It comes with a pillow, chain on each end and 2 S hooks all I needed was some rope.
I had it up in about 10 min.
The only thing was to get the height correct and I was off to snooze land.
Again, I am really happy with the craftsmanship. If i need another one I'll definitely shop The Hammock Universe.