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Great for sleeping.

Using it for my Mayan hammock and I have never slept better.

We love our hammock!

The bamboo stand is beautiful We had never stained wood before and was unprepared and made some errors and wished we had gotten instructions off internet, but in end came out find. As everyone has written was easy to assemble. However, we needed to refer to picture on line because 2D instructions just did not give us visual we needed. Takes up a large space so be prepared for that. We are glad we took time and spent the money to purchase this hammock. It is beautiful relaxing addition to our backyard and we love it! For a small added cost we bought the cover to protect the hammock when not in use - we are glad we did that so we can keep the hammock looking its best! Absolutely no regrets!

Easy selection y Easy to buy.

The website have a easy options for selection the hammock, very clear and a good delivery time.

love this!

Glad I made the purchase

About time

I have wanted an indoor hammock for years. We have had an outdoor one, but enjoying it was limited by weather and season. NOW I have an indoor hammock and an outdoor hammock. Perfection! This hammock fit a 15 foot stand with 48 inch height holes. It hangs low, but it still supports two comfortably. A wonderful addition to our great room!

A must buy!

Great product! Takes only minutes to assemble, no tools required. A must have if you own a hammock!

A wonderful hammock that will replace my bed

I have spent the last week in this hammock, and after a few adjustments, I am very happy with the hammock. I had originally planned to order a different hammock, but after talking to Chris at Hammock Universe, she recommended the Columbian Double Hammock, and I am very happy that she did.

The fabric is soft and a very nice shade of blue. I was comfortable in the hammock right away, and I found the hammock's size to be perfect for one person in a horizontal lay position. very roomy and cozy.

The people at Hammock Universe are very knowledgeable and great to work with. Their emails are very funny and entertaining. They shipped the hammock and stand very fast, and I received everything in great condition.

I highly recommend Hammock Universe to all potential customers.

Easy to set up but the size is nearly a foot longer than stated on the web site.

This stand was extremely easy to set up, even for one person. It took me about five minutes, and I was good to go.

Something that could be a very big problem and a deal breaker for some people is the size that is incorrect on the web site. The size is listed as 9 feet on the web site, but when we measured the stand, it is actually 9 feet, 10 inches, and barely made it into the space we have. In fact, it does not really fit well in that space, as we have to work around it now, where 9 feet would have been much better and a lot more convenient. Hopefully, this information will help someone who only has 9 feet to spare to not made a bad decision.

Another problem I had with it was that the box the stand was shipped in was very flimsy, thin cardboard, and UPS ruined the box during shipping, so there were huge holes in two sides of the box. Fortunately, the small parts were in a bag, which was inside a piece of styrofoam, so nothing was lost.

So the stand itself is fine, as long as you know it is almost a foot longer than stated on the web site. So just be aware of that fact, and you will be good to go.

Thanks Janis for bringing this to our attention. This was an important omission and it has been corrected to 9.5 where this usually is the final length when the hammock is installed and the stand contracted.
Mayan double with universal non spreader stand

The double Mayan is extremely comfortable after adjusting the tension a couple of times. The universal metal stand easy to put together, however is difficult to drag around, or reposition in grass. Some skid feet or wheels (not offered) may be useful accessories. Also, really like the slip on weather cover. Really easy. Haven't got to try the mosquito netting just yet. Love laying out in the late summer, early fall evenings and watching the stars come out. (If I can stay awake!).

Great purchase

I bought this hammock for my husbands birthday and he absolutely loves it. It's comfortable, easy to hang, and the customer service was great (it arrived so quickly!)

The best gift ever!!

I purchased the poolside hammock for my husband, and he absolutely loves his new hammock. It's very sturdy, but soft at the same time. We all fight over lounging in this. I think I may purchase another one. :)

Love Them

I already sent you a REVIEW ! we love them!

Great product

Soft & vibrant colors.


They are GREAT!!! All 3 of my grandchildren want one in their room, also daughter, well she would like it on her porch. The children are 22, 19, and 13. I could believe how fast they came! We had them up right away. Took down the porch swing so hooks were there. It all worked great. Now I will need a Hammock, and my porch will be complete! Thanks so much, Marilyn


The hammock was perfect amd super easy to install 10 minutes tops! The customer service wss excellent so good in fact I almost consider Phil a close friend of mine! I highly recommend this hammock and am currently thinking of an excuse to buy another one!

Had problems with mildew

The stand is beautiful and well made, BUT the black mildew has been a problem for me. I inquired how to preserve the finish and the distributor told me to use Cabot's Australian Timber Finish. I applied at least 3 coats before I put it outside. After the fall ended I brought the stand inside and before returning it outside I applied 2 additional coats. I've owed the stand for a hear and a month and it is badly stained with black mildew. I was told to power wash. That didn't work. I pressure washed a test spot on the stand until I started to see the wood grain was being washed away. Pressure washing won't work. The distributor told me as a last resort that I'd have to sand the entire unit. I haven't done this yet, but for the money I paid for this piece of furniture, this solution is completely unsatisfactory.

Too bad that such a nice piece of good looking furniture go so ugly in only a year. I would not but this again.

The image shown was taken after extensive power washing. The entire stand is mildew stained.

This is very temporary. It will disappear and using a pressure washer with strong pressure. We need to use the round nozzle for that and not the one we would use on a car. This will remove a tiny layer which will give the stand its original look again. We do it all the time on our test stand, which we leave untreated all year around to test its limits. We do it not to remove the mildew, which is long gone by now, but the grayish look wood will have when untreated. I suggest you give it one last time. You will be surprised by the results. The stand is very durable and can take a lot of abuse.
Love it-feel like I am in Brazil!

I wish the base was smaller but love it!


I love my new double Brazilian hammock! The colors are beautiful and it's so big and cozy.

mmm... my new comfy bed

I used a Mayan hammock as a bed when I was in my teenage years and loved it. Now that I'm 31 (though certainly not a grown-up), I decided to buy a hammock instead of a bed after moving across the country. It works great for me! The metal hammock stand is very sturdy and has rubber feet so it won't scratch the floor, and the hammock itself is really comfortable. HammockUniverse was a great company to deal with and I think I'll stick with them if I buy another one, since they seem to care about their product quality and customer service.


Exactly what I needed for the handmade hammock that we purchased in Mexico. It was easy to put together. Service is excellent!
Thank you!

So terrific I had to have another one!

After I tucked myself into my Mayan Hammock Chair for the first time, I promptly grabbed my phone and placed an order for another one for my husband - right from my chair! Comfortable, cool, relaxing . . . I will never be able to enjoy sitting in anything other than my hammock chair! Love, love, love it!

Buy a Brazilian hammock now

Our hammock, better known as the Big Blue Banana, is extremely comfortable, easy to install, and appealing to the eye. I thought it would take me time to adjust to the curve; it took 20 seconds.

First time hammock owner

I love this hammock! I knew nothing about choosing a hammock before I found this website. Just poke around and learn all you need to know to make a confident and well-informed purchase. The hammock itself is so comfortable. A slight learning curve regarding just how to lay in it properly, but you'll know when you get it right :-)

The only place to relax

Best hammock place in the multiverse. Great team for support when needed, and best quality hammocks out there. Period.

Yep, that's a nice one.

Very happy with the hammock, super soft. Nice and comfortable and dries a little better than cotton I think. I like the stretch of the cotton rope the best, but this isn't bad. I'm very happy with this one.

Tree Straps are awesome

I've never owned a hammock and wouldn't know how to properly anchor one of you made a video on it. I liked the idea of making it portable and easy to hang and the video I found online made it look easy. Luckily for me, it was just as easy to hang as the video portrayed and the day I got them, I surprised my hubby with a hammock between his two favorite trees in our yard! Thanks for making his dream come true (and making it easy for me to accomplish)!!!!:

Happy customer

The hammock I bought replaced one the family wore out. Only used it one time so far because weather has not cooperated.

Hammock Tree Straps

Exactly what I was looking for...a simple way to hang my hammock without unnecessarily damaging the trees. Easy to put up and take down. Thanks!

Great value

We've only had our hammock for a few weeks but we are very excited to have it; it looked just like the photos and it's really comfortable.

Nice and solid hammock

Nice design and comfortable. I can almost sleep on my side in this Hammock. I am 6-2 and this Hammock has plenty of space. Fall asleep fast in this one! Very relaxing.

Happy Hanging Around

Love the chair. It's on a stand on my three-season porch. Added the swivel so I can turn around with a fingertip. Very comfortable, pretty easy for one person to put together and looks sturdy and made well with a heavy-duty fabric. The attached pillow is a nice touch and the beverage hanger is a great accessory. Thanks!

Excellent product

I love the fact that I could hang my hammock without causing any harm to the trees.

Brazilian hammock

Hung this in my room to replace my bed, and its been very comfy so far. No back or neck pains as I worried, easy to get in and out of, but no worries of falling out. Installation was easy and it opens the room so much more. Its a little chilly in these winter months and blankets arent the easiest to pull into it, but when i do manage them in, i keep warm enough. Overall a solid purchase, would buy again.

Summer time bliss

Love everything about this lovely blue hangin blankie :) Swinging in the summer breezes has dramatically improved quality of life here on the farm. My fave purchase in a loooooong time, Columbian double hammock comes highly recommended - also wouldn't want to be without the hammock sock and tree straps. Service was nothing short of perfection. Thank you!!

A great buying experience !!

The ease of the website to shop to the enthusiastic emails to confirm your order to the detail tracking of delivery and then the satisfaction when receiving the hammock is all...first class. We are delighted and you should be proud of your company.

A must have to protect your hammock

Fits easily, and protects well from the elements and bugs /birds. Should buy one with each hammock - it's a no brainer.


This is such a great hammock. The fabric is soft to the touch. It feels like if it has some spandex in it. The hammock just want to follow your body line. This is really a hammock to look for if you are in for a hammock with no spreaders. You will no be disappointed!

So relaxing

We are loving our Colombian hammock. It is soft to touch. The blue colour is lovely, it is comfortable to lay in both lengthwise and widthwise, a little squishy for two people but still nice. It sways and enfolds you in a very comforting way. Each time I use it I am surprised by how relaxing it is. We are all very happy with it. And Hammock Universe USA was very pleasant to work with to buy it.

Solid Design and Comfortable

Overall a great Hammock. I use it for a bed. Helps my low back. I sleep on it at a slight angle. The only complaint is that it could be a little bigger and wider, thus a four star rating. I bought another one after the first one.

Exactly what we needed!

Great products and customer service!

Great and relaxing

I gave this hammock to wife for Christmas and now she won't do laundry or cook, she just lays in it and reads all day. I'd say she likes it. :)

Great Hammock

I bought this to replace an old hammock that had worn out. We received the new one very quickly and it fits our stand perfectly. We've had it for a week and it does tend to stretch at first, but we have it adjusted now to our comfort.


Very pleased couldn't wait till spring set up in living room watching TV in it cant wait to get it outside on deck

Brazilian style

I bought this hammock as a replacement. And wow, it is Awesome! Well made, good looking, comfy.…and now a part of my daily routine. I will be adding another one soon and plan on a couple of more as great Christmas gifts for friends and family. Thank you Hammock USA!

Love my hammock

I ordered a Brazilian style hammock for our garden as we have just moved into a new house and have lots of large trees along the side which then blend into a woodland. I lay in it every day for the first week and loved it so much that I ordered two more so that my husband and my two teenage sons can join me in the garden - or the boys can 'hang' out with their friends in the hammocks. Super relaxing and comfortable. This is the first time I have owned a hammock and I would highly recommend it.

Love my hammock

It's comfortable, roomy, and very easy to put up and take down. I LOVE my hammock!


Used it several times since getting it. I can't say enough about it. Easy to setup and kept me and my gear dry in a Michigan monsoon, then kept the sun at bay the next day.

"safe" and relaxing

I've had standard spreader bar hammocks on the past, they were ok until yo fell asleep and moved then you got ejected from your dream and the hammock. This Brazilian style hammock doesn't do that. Go ahead and roll arround if you like you still be snug and safe.

Great addition to the backyard.

Sturdy, simple, easy to adjust. Fast set-up, great concept.

Great stand

Stand is sturdy and looks nice and simple. Setup was easy and works well with my non-spreader bar hammock. Price was right and it is a very nice product. The company has a great personality too!


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