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Hammocks West Virginia

A bit of the south in the midst of urban America? Why not? West Virginia is a mountainous state that is bordered by the heavy populations of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland. As such, West Virginians know how to take it easy. The vast number of elm, maple, sycamore, and red spruce trees give residents and visitors alike ample opportunities to hang their hammock virtually anywhere they choose.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in West Virginia

1. A hammock is the best possible place for a romantic rendezvous.
2. Hammocks store easily, which is very important when harsh weather visits the state. It may be best to keep the hammock indoors in January and December.
3. Tightening your belt does not mean you have to sacrifice this year’s family vacation. Head to one of the many free campgrounds in the state with your hammock in tow. A Mosquito Net Hammock is the hammock of choice for those who want the experience of a tent and a hammock at the same time.
4. A hammock makes it easier for you to start your own beauty pageant. You can call it Miss Hammock USA.
5. Setting up a hammock in a West Virginia cave offers a unique and unparalleled experience.
6. A trip to Blackwater Canyon is the highlight to every West Virginia resident’s weekend. A Parachute Expedition Hammock in your bag is lightweight, takes up very little space, and is excellent when emergency strikes and you need to spend the night.
7. Reading in a hammock helps you understand even the most incomprehensible novels. Try “Naked Lunch” by William S. Burroughs. You will finally get it.
8. Knock knock jokes are funnier in a hammock.
9. A photo of your dog in a hammock could become the next viral internet meme.
10. Playing card games with your family while nestled in an XL hammock will bring you all together in peace and joy.

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