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Hammocks Texas

The Lone Star state has a reputation for doing everything right. There is no exception when it comes to downtime. The “work hard, play hard” motto means that you will need recovery time from your job and your wild, entertaining activities. What better way to recuperate than with a hammock?

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in Texas

1. Everything is bigger in Texas, and hammocks are no exception. An XL Family-Sized Mayan Hammock will fit you, the neighbors, and their friends.
2. You can buy 100 scratch-off tickets and win nothing, or you can buy a hammock and have a treasure for the rest of your life. Which sounds better?
3. You can finally finish the novel that’s been collecting dust on your bookshelf when you have a couple of hours and a hammock.
4. A multi-hued hammock breaks up the Texas landscape.
5. No need to learn the Texas Two-Step. A hammock will woo any wouldbe romantic partner with ease.
6. You may not be able to stretch a hammock across the bed of your pickup truck, but it doesn’t hurt to try.
7. Every time you start to argue with your spouse, head to the hammock. You’ll be making up in no time.
8. Build a new tradition with your family by heading to hammock together every day.
9. The Cowboys are still America’s team. Throw a party from your hammock so you and your fellow fans can watch the game together.
10. “I have a hammock” is the best pick-up line you can use.

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