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Hammocks Spokane

Winters in Spokane can get far too cold for most people’s liking. That is only one of the reasons you deserve a hammock! Getting through those tough Washington winters should include a reward every year. Need more reasons to buy a hammock in Spokane? There are plenty.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in Spokane

1. Rain, rain go away, or that’s okay, you can stay! A rain fly makes sure you stay dry while continuing to rock in your hammock.
2. The smell of lilacs is sweeter when you are rocking in your hammock.
3. Hammocks can be moved inside for the snowy winters in Spokane. A steel or wicker hammock stand is worth the room it takes up in your home.
4. Urban sprawl is a real issue in Spokane. Avoid the traffic and telecommute. Working from home in your hammock is a lot like heaven.
5. If you have ever been caught in traffic on I-90, you have earned yourself an afternoon in a hammock.
6. A weekend at Lake Couer d’Alene is more romantic when you use a hammock built for two.
7. A hammock is a great survival tool for a zombie apocalypse. Simply show the hammock to the oncoming threat and they will lounge in the sun instead of eating your brains.
8. Make peace with your neighbors by inviting them to borrow your hammock. Better yet, buy them one as a housewarming gift, even if they have lived in their home for years.
9. A hot cup of coffee in a hammock is the best way to start a new day.
10. Owning a hammock is like spending all day with your best friend. You can be yourself with your hammock and always feel at ease.

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