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Hammocks Portland

Portland citizens have a love of all things natural. From the fertile lands of the Willamette Valley to the sturdy pines of the Tualatin Mountains, Portlanders have a constant reminder of Mother Nature’s beauty. Many residents of this northwestern city prefer to spend their days outdoors, resting in hammocks as they observe the beauty around them. If you need a reason to own your own hammock, there are many from which to choose.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in Portland

1. Fire your therapist! Dr. Hammock can solve all of your problems.
2. When you are invited to a child’s birthday party, you can easily decline the invitation by saying you have a previous engagement. No one has to know it is a date with your hammock.
3. You truly can take your hammock anywhere. With a bit of tenacity, you can set up your hammock stand in any location your heart desires.
4. Hammocks make perfect, unique gifts for members of a bridal party.
5. The Parachute Expedition Hammock in Light and Navy Blue makes a suitable replacement for a TARDIS. No, you won’t be able to travel through time, but you will be able to watch multiple episodes of Doctor Who.
6. It is never fun to end a romantic relationship, but if you must, make sure to break up in hammock. There will be no hard feelings.
7. It can be very difficult to get a child excited about the great outdoors. A hammock makes this possible.
8. A deep tissue massage gives you relief that lasts for hours, but for nearly the same price you can have a hammock. These give you relaxation that last forever.
9. Instead of a girls’ night out, host a girls’ night in! All you need is a bottle of wine and hammock for a great time.
10. Does your lawn need some TLC? Rest in your hammock and watch while someone else does the work for you.

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