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Hammocks North Las Vegas

Not to be confused with Las Vegas, North Las Vegas is its own city with its own identity in Nevada. Unlike its glitzy neighbor to the south, this desert city is based on business, manufacturing, and green technology. Residents of North Las Vegas spend more time working than playing, which is why they deserve to own hammocks.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in North Las Vegas

1. Hammocks let you watch your favorite reality TV show without being interrupted.
2. Living in the Mojave Desert is no walk in the park. Trees may be hard to come by, but hammock stands make every yard hammock-ready.
3. Heading to a campground in the Las Vegas Range is not the same without a hammock.
4. Sitting in a hammock makes doing taxes fun.
5. Your selfies look better when you are in a hammock.
6. Heavy rains each summer do not mean that hammock weather is over. A rain tarp deflects small storms. When monsoon season approaches, hammocks are easily removed and stored until the sun appears once more.
7. North Las Vegas is proud of its green way of living. What is greener than sleeping in nature, moved only by the wind?
8. A hammock is not biased in any way. Hammocks offer the same relaxation to people from all walks of life.
9. People think more highly of you when you own a hammock.
10. Hammocks keep you out of trouble. The allure of parties and gambling will always be second place to a backyard hammock.

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