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Hammocks New Jersey

There are no true explanations as to why New Jersey is called the Garden State. Still, everyone can agree that the open land in New Jersey is lush and beautiful. Meanwhile, city dwellers in New Jersey are as proud as they are loud. Indeed, there are plenty of reasons to love New Jersey, but you will love them all more when you can enjoy them from a hammock.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in New Jersey

1. Football, basketball, and baseball are far more fun to watch from a hammock than a stadium seat. Best of all, you can buy a six pack for the cost of one beer at the stadium.
2. Heading to the beach? Don’t forget to pack a hammock. Poolside hammocks wipe clean easily, allowing you to avoid piles of sand in your car.
3. A hammock gives you a sense of serenity when you need it the most. Annoyed at your neighbors? Sit in your hammock. Having trouble at work? Go to your hammock? Spouse getting on your nerves? Hammock.
4. Even the great state of New Jersey doesn’t have perfect weather throughout the year. When nature doesn’t cooperate with your outdoor plans, you can use a hammock sock for protection.
5. Hammocks cause all political beliefs to be pushed aside. 
6. It is possible that the greatest musicians from New Jersey got their starts in hammocks.
7. A hammock can make you famous! Post your hammock exploits on YouTube and you may be the next internet sensation.
8. No matter where you live in the state, what you do, or how old you are, receiving a hammock as a gift makes you love the gift-giver a little bit more. 
9. Need to trim a few pounds? Try the New Jersey Hammock diet. It involves eating smaller amounts so it is easier for you to fall asleep outside.
10. Hammocks never air their dirty laundry. Tell all of your secrets to your hammock and you are guaranteed they will stay quiet.

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