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Hammocks Montgomery

Montgomery is known for much more than being the capital of Alabama. The city is celebrated for its courteous residents, hot summers, and varied history. Montgomery was a center for civil rights, with the famed Rosa Parks taking her seat in one of the city’s buses. Today, Montgomery is a haven for those who love to take life easy, which is especially easy when you have a hammock in tow.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in Montgomery

1. Summers in Montgomery can be so stifling that even the slightest amount of effort and energy can lead to dangerous levels of fatigue. It is best to lie still in a hammock and let the breeze do the work for you.
2. Winters in Montgomery rarely get cold enough to see frost on the ground. Though you might feel a chill, a blanket in your hammock can create the perfect December day.
3. If you want to cheer on the Hornets, you will do so with much more gusto from a hammock in your backyard.
4. Hammocks are ideal for wide open areas, but they fit well in smaller spots, too. Even if your yard is the size of a postage stamp, you can hang a smaller hammock with ease.
5. Nod to local food/drink
6. Name a famed gathering spot
7. Alabama State students need hammocks to help them study. The gentle swaying of a hammock may not make them smarter, but it can’t hurt.
8. Southerners are universally known for being the most polite people on the planet. What is a better way to show your manners than to offer someone a rest on your hammock?
9. After working all day, a backyard barbecue and a nap in a hammock is the best option to get your refreshed and ready to face tomorrow.
10. You can’t get arrested for not owning a hammock in Montgomery, but maybe you should.

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