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Hammocks Lubbock

The Texas plains are hot, but breezy. This presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy a hammock. You can rest all day in the Texas sun while feeling the wind wash across our body.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in Lubbock

1. Need a scarecrow for your garden? Place a hammock nearby and you can serve as the warning to pests.
2. Playing catch in a hammock adds a new element to the game.
3. Texas Tech students spend more time studying when they can stay home with a hammock. You can ensure your investment in their future will be worthwhile. 
4. All sports are more fun to watch from a hammock, even curling.
5. A hammock helps you improve your sense of balance.
6. Hammocks make great outdoor decorations.
7. Nature lovers can sit for hours watching the butterflies flutter by. They may even join you when they see how happy you are in your hammock.
8. Prove that Texas is best at everything, including gift-giving, by buying hammocks for everyone on your list.
9. You can recover from an illness more easily in a hammock.
10. Don’t want to pay for swimming lessons? Swaying hammocks mimic the waves in the water. You can practice your breast stroke without ever getting wet.

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