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You have chosen Indianapolis your home town for a reason. Indianapolis has all of the culture and benefits of metropolitan living, while the neighbourhoods around and within the city continue to operate like a small town. Add to that working class charm by outfitting your home with a hammock.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in Indianapolis

1. The Colts are surprisingly more fun to watch when you have a hammock.
2. It is much more enjoyable to watch your kids play catch when you are in a hammock than from any place else inside or out.
3. Nursing a new baby? It is much easier to get the hang of it in a hammock.
4. Indianapolis winters are serious business. You can get through those cold months dreaming of warmer days in your hammock.
5. Workouts are more productive when you have a hammock waiting for you.
6. Food has a richer flavor when enjoyed from a hammock. 
7. Hammocks help you to be healthier and live longer.
8. Birdwatching is easier and more fun from a hammock.
9. If you are feeling low on energy, you may need more vitamins. A hammock guarantees you will get the vitamin D you need.
10. Fighting with the family? Take it to the hammock. No one can argue when they are that relaxed.

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