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The hectic pace of Chicago is made much easier when you are able to relax in a hammock. Whether you live in a single-family home, an apartment complex, or somewhere in between, the busy lifestyle you lead in Chicago can improve with nothing more than a 30 minute nap in a hammock. If relaxation isn’t paramount in your life, there are plenty of other reasons you need a hammock in Chicago.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in Chicago

1. Stadium seating is too expensive. Watch your favorite team from your hammock instead. Go Cubbies!
2. Chicago style pizza tastes best when enjoyed from a hammock.
3. An afternoon in a hammock gives you the inspiration you need to face every problem.
4. Remember when Michael Jordan played for the Bulls? Reflecting on those happy times is easier in a hammock.
5. Hammocks may need to come indoors when the weather grows chilly, but you can use them as motivation to get through the cold Chicago winters.
6. You can be a world traveler in your hammock without spending a dime. Decorate with potted palm trees for a taste of the tropics or surround yourself with Matryoshka dolls for a trip to Russia.
7. A hammock makes a great fundraising prize. Sell raffle tickets for a hammock the next time you are tasked with raising money.
8. Your next business venture could be “the one.” Make sure your ideas are as well thought out as possible. A hammock gives you the time and space to think.
9. A hammock is the right place to rest after running the Chicago Marathon, or the perfect perch to reflect on why you chose not to.
10. A hammock in your apartment lets you enjoy the views without any unpleasant and dubious smells.

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