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There is no feeling that matches the kiss of a soft, warm wind on a lazy Alabama afternoon. A nap on a hammock turns any hot, humid summer day into a relaxing retreat. An evening listening to katydids and crickets sing their soothing symphonies acts as a lullaby as you rock in the Alabama breeze. Simply put, you need a hammock this summer, and there are plenty of reasons why.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in Alabama

1. There is no better way to celebrate a Crimson Tide victory than a backyard hammock party. Roll Tide!
2. Resting in a hammock makes you happy, which lowers stress. This could lower your blood pressure and lead to better overall health. It's cheaper than insurance and a lot more fun than a quadruple bypass. 
3. Alabamans are known for being considerate and polite. The ultimate way to show respect is to offer someone a seat on a hammock.
4. Hammocks can be easily moved and stored when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Replace all of your outdoor furniture with hammocks and hammock chairs and you'll be prepared when Mother Nature has a bad day.
5. Sweet tea is sweeter when sipped from a hammock.
6. Swap the hot seats of Talladega for a swaying seat of a hammock. Watch from your mobile device and cheer on your favorite driver without burning your buns.
7. You will be the hit at every barbecue you host if you have a family-sized hammock. You can fit four of your best friends and a slab of ribs.
8. Hammocks make great gifts! Send your Alabama student off to school in style with a hammock for lounging or sleeping. 
9. After working all day, the best way to sleep is in a hammock. Your back and knees will feel much better, and you will be well rested for that long morning commute.
10. You don't need a deer stand for when hunting season rolls around. Set up a portable hammock and the white-tailed deer may just come to you.

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